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The State Key Laboratory of Crystal Materials (SKLCM) at Shandong University was established in 1984 under the leadership of Prof. Minhua Jiang. It grew out of the Institute of Crystal Material (ICM) that was set up in 1978 with the endorsement of ministry of education of China. The Laboratory has developed into an important base for two national key disciplines: material science and condensed matter physics; as well as for three first-level discipline doctoral degree programs: materials science and engineering, physics, and chemistry. SKLCM has been rated excellent in past on-site assessments by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

As a laboratory for applied fundamental research, the scientific aims of the SKLCM research involve exploring the relationships between the composition, structure and the functional characteristics of laboratory grown crystals and other relevant materials, designing and growing novel crystals, improving the properties of crystals and relevant materials, pursuing the design and preparation of crystal devices, extending research to novel materials to produce functional crystals, and developing a new discipline of materials science and technology centered on functional crystals.

The research fields cover a broad range of sub-disciplines of experimental and computational material science including: the design and exploration of new crystals, the growth and applications of bulk crystals, the study of and applications of low-dimensional materials, and pursuing fundamental research on crystal growth and materials preparation processes. Over the years, SKLCM has not only focused on these four goals but also adjusted and extended the scope of research. Innovative research has been extended to the study of nano-superhard, photocatalytic, luminescent, molecular functional, and organic photoelectric materials. Papers reporting these works have been highly valued and headlined by international journals. Since the establishment of the laboratory, our research on many crystals such as KDP, DKDP, LAP, KTP, binary-doped TGS, KNSBN, KTN, BTM, YCOB, LIS, ZGP, SiC, ZCTC, LGS, NdPP, NYAB, LT, MHBA, and BN have received extensive attention both at home and abroad.

At present, there are 47 professors and 17 associate professors working at SKLCM. A doctoral program has been established that combines three disciplines: materials science and engineering, physics, and chemistry. Postdoctoral research based on condensed matter physics and materials science is also sponsored, and there are many excellent students and scholars studying and pursuing innovative research.


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